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: The History of the Indianapolis Colts
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In 1947 Baltimore was given it’s first NFL football team, but this agreement failed in 1950 and the team was done away with. However, in 1953 the city of Baltimore was given a second chance at supporting a NFL football franchise. Baltimore was given six weeks to sell  over 16,000 season tickets, if this goal was met then the team was theirs. The city of Baltimore completed this challenge in less than four weeks. Therefore, Carroll Rosenbloom was given ownership of the Baltimore Colts.

The Colts had a lot of work to do to become a competitive and contending team. Weeb Ewbank was given the honor of becoming the Baltimore Cots’ first head coach. T took four years for Ewbank to lead the Colts to a winning record. Although this process took hard work and dedication, the Colts remained a winning team for the next 14 consecutive years. The Colts greatest key to success was the skill and promise of the young Johnny Unitas. At quarterback he guided the team to dominance and popularity for many years. Players like Lenny Moore and Artie Donovan acted as his supporting cast in chasing multiple championships. 

Between the 1958 and 1968 seasons the colts grabbed three Super Bowl victories. The Colts glory years coincided with the growth in popularity of NFL football. Johnny Unitas quickly became one of NFL footballs most popular players and the Colts became the team to watch. In fact, the Super Bowl Game between the Colts and Giants in 1958 had the highest viewing numbers ever, during that time period. During this highly publicized game Unitas was brilliant in leading the Colts to a dramatic comeback victory.  Some say this game alone propelled both the NFL football league and Unitas.

In 1963 Don Shula became the successor to Ewbank and led the Colts to a championship in 1968 before leaving for Miami. Shula’s departure coincided with the Baltimore Colts becoming a mediocre team. In 1972 Robert Irsay orchestrated a trade with Rosenbllom. Irsay traded Rosenbloom ownership of the Los Angeles Rams for Ownership of the Baltimore Colts. This move became groundbreaking because in 1984 Irsay moved the Colts to Indianapolis. This was a very controversial move and Baltimore fans were left stunned and saddened. However, the Colts made a home in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Early on the Indianapolis Colts struggled to gain success. The first decade in Indianapolis was very mediocre until Peyton Manning arrived in 1998. Manning became the teams leader and one of the most popular players in the entire NFL football league. In 2006 Peyton guided the Colts to a Super Bowl victory against the Arizona Cardinals. 

In the 2012 season the Colts decided to begin rebuilding their team and amicably sent Manning to the Denver Broncos. Colts fans will never forget the dominance and leadership that manning exhibited throughout his tenure in Indianapolis. To many, Manning was the second coming of Unitas. And powered the Colts back to recognition. He will forever be known as an Indianapolis Colt. 

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