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: The History of the Chicago Bears
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When the NFL football league began, the Chicago Bears were one of the first teams to gain entrance into the league.  Initially the team was owned by the Staley Starch Company and George Halas. In 1921, George Halas gained full ownership of the team, with only one condition. For the first year, the team had to have the Staley’s name. After the first year, the team was renamed the Chicago Bears.

Even in the beginning, the Chicago Bears were one of the most popular teams and helped to grow NFL football’s viewers.  They had an innovative style that involved buying players from other teams and constantly striving for greatness. Their drive and unique style led to early success and championships in the 1932 and 1933 seasons.

The 1940’s only brought more success and championship aspirations were fulfilled. In the early part of the decade, the Chicago Bears made it to the championship game four consecutive seasons.  This culminated in three NFL football championships and one historic victory. In 1940 the Chicago bears beat the Washington redskins by an unimaginable 73 points. This wide margin of victory speaks to the Bears dominance and ability. In the 1950’s the Bears franchise experienced their first prolonged period of failure and losing seasons. It wasn’t until 1963 that the Chicago Bears captured their next championship, that broke the extended drought.

Through all of the early success and the eventual hard times, George Halas was the one constant. He held many positions during his 64 year tenure with the team. During his time with the Bears, George was a player, coach and owner. He also held various other job titles throughout the years. His legacy lives on with the franchise and he is affectionately known as Papa Bear.

Over the years, the Chicago Bears have had countless hall of fame players that helped build the team and inspire Chicago pride. Walter Payton, Gale Sayers and many others built the foundation that the Chicago bears are built on. Due to their talent and commitment the Bears are extremely popular in Chicago, but also in other cities where wining is respected and glorified. The Bear greats are respected in Chicago, but also the entire NFL football league. Chicago’s dominant players are in the record books and the Hall of Fame.

 In 1971, Soldier Field became home to the Chicago Bears and has become a place of great pride throughout the years.  Soldier Field houses many memories and is now home to a new generation of talented players. Jay Cutler and Brian Urlacher are two faces of the franchise that inspire hope and confidence in the future of Chicago football. Jay Cutler is one of the most explosive quarterbacks with lots of potential and room for growth. His development when bring the Bears championship dreams to life. As a defensive force, Brian Urlacher has fortified the team for years. Now that the offense has the same talent as the defense, much is expected from the Chicago Bears in the coming seasons. 

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